How chatGPT and AI Chatbots Are HelpIng Businesses Save Time And Make Money

Thursday, May 12, 2023

Do you often rely on Google Home to send those pending messages to you? Or does Siri decide your dinner and dessert after?

If you’re a busy individual, chances are you've used virtual assistants or AI chatbots in some form and are a pro at delegating tasks to them.

What can chatbots do for businesses?

Today, it’s no secret that businesses around the world are turning to blogging and content marketing to make sales online. Now, whether you’re a modest online Shopify store or a flourishing business, you want to take full advantage of available automation tools in order to save time and reduce the effort in doing mundane tasks. After all, that’s probably why you invested in countless content creation, promotion, and audience engagement strategies and tools in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to increasing productivity, sparing substantial time, and simultaneously driving results -- website chatbots for customer service are really helpful.

As per the studies conducted by this startup and venture building platform, Businesses and early adopters are already on board the chatbot bandwagon, and there are plenty of reasons why you should too. So without further ado, here are 12 game-changing ways chatbots can save you time and money and ultimately increase productivity:

Auto-magic Website Visitor Engagement 

This decade has seen the face of audience engagement evolve rapidly, so much so that today it can make or break your online presence. A typical visitor does not spend more than 2 minutes reading one blog article, which means as a blogger if you’re looking to build long-term relations with your readers, you will need a personal relationship manager to make their experience on your site worthwhile.

Call them guardian angels if you will, Chat Bots in this scenario can drive any engagement strategy by doing what they do best - chat.

Added perks? Once trained, chatbots are prepared to engage your readers with smooth conversations, on your behalf. As they are automated, they do not need supervision saving you ample time and energy which you could utilize otherwise.

Capture with Personalized Content

Undoubtedly the most time-consuming task on a bloggers to-do list, creating and sharing content day after day can often get quite overwhelming. While writing platforms like WordPress, scheduling tools like Buffer and Outreach Software like NinjaOutreach aim to simplify the process, they can only do so much.

Automated chat bots on the other hand by default convert your content into captivating rich cards which are easier to both read and write.

Bots can always ask your reader what they’re looking for and pull out content relevant to their pain points. Any day better than leaving it up to them to navigate through your blog posts, won’t you agree?

Customer Support and FAQs made easy

For a business with an existing online following, answering queries from your customers and followers is the only tactic that goes a long way in getting you those followers in the first place. Interacting with them should come to you as second nature, but then again you have a whole list of things to do and no time whatsoever?

Getting back to each and everyone is close to impossible, right?

Now imagine if you had a virtual AI bot to respond to all your commonly and frequently asked questions whenever asked. With a chatbot, you do.

A powerful FAQ tool, a chatbot will remember every piece of information you share with it and never turn a single potential follower away. Could there be a more result-driven time-saver?

Targets specific users based on feedback

Conversational interfaces turn sales and promotions into a smooth sailing ship by easing users into conversation first.

AI chatbots can be trained to ask specific questions and build rapport with the visitors on your site before promoting content or products.

So say you have a plethora of content covering all aspects of digital marketing, your bot can ask a visitor something as straightforward as, “What are you looking to explore today?” As your visitor answers, your website chatbot will not only pull out content customized for that visitor but also suggest more readings based on their interests. This way, a reader looking to learn about SEO, won’t unnecessarily end up on posts about social media monitoring.

Behavior-based assists especially come in handy for e-commerce stores, as your shopify messenger bot influences purchasing decisions with little or no effort from your side.

Besides, your visitors are bound to be pleased with the experience on your site if they found what they were looking for in a short duration.

Savings: A by-product of automation

Chatbots not only make customer service, support, sales, and marketing teams redundant, they also happen to be powerful alternatives to paid blogging tools.

They’re performing tasks that normally a human would do. Besides, if you can get your hands on a useful and free chatbot platforms like OctaneAI or Manychat itself, then you’ll end up saving even more bucks. 

Cut to the chase; know someone for real

Networking with fellow influencers and bloggers might be easier said than one; mainly due to time constraints. Plus, even if you did somehow manage to find the time there’s no guarantee that it will lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Accept that as a waste of time and start over again? Or stalk them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to know them a little better? 

No. Turn to chatbots.

They serve the purpose with flair. A short conversation with someone’s personal chatbot should tell you about their likes, dislikes, what drives them, what doesn’t, enough for you to decide whether you should take the collaboration further.

This way you have the power to move forward with the actionable prospects; freeing up the time and effort and you were most likely to waste.

Increase online following

Easier to form an impression with a good old blog or a personal chat bot that helps you set you apart from the rest of the crowd?

With an AI bot all you need to do right is train it, which by the way is easier than it sounds. It's inevitable that you'll leave a mark on visitors who chat with your bot as opposed to read your blog.

Consequently, your customers are more likely to share your bot than your blog.

Final Words

As chat bots are handling a number of issues that business owners face on a day-to-day basis, more and more of them are jumping into the bot space before it starts getting crowded.

ChatBots might not be the sophisticated beasts that we want them to be yet, but they’re definitely moving in that direction. Daily use chat bots are gradually taking over (here are some best chatbot examples to look at), they’re learning how to handle tedious, repetitive functions for businesses and generating well-deserved buzz for it. 

You can check out our comprehensive guide on how to make a chatbot if you're curious about getting your hands dirty. You can also use platforms like Chatfuel or Botsify as visual chatbot builders. 

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