51+ best chatbot and chatGPT use cases in 13 business categories

The world is changing. We live in the future and, sometimes, we don’t even know it. We use tiny handheld devices to help us with everything — from setting alarms to talking to people face-to-face — sometimes when they’re oceans away! That little screen is our link to everything right now, and it’s incredible that in just a few short years, we’ve become inseparable from our devices — whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or even a digital book.

And though it feels like we’re as evolved as we can be, great new things are just around the corner — especially for technology. Here, we’re taking a look at our vision of the future - Generative AI is changing the world as we write this. We’re looking at bots, especially chatbots, and how they’re changing and about to change the landscape of our lives for the foreseeable future. We’re asking, “What can chat bots do for us?

To make it easy, we’ve put together a list of 100 ways in which we could potentially use all types of chatbots, in each aspect of our current lives. Ready to get a sneak peek into the future? Let’s go! 

Table of Contents

  • Chatbots in Games
  • Chatbots for Entertainment
  • Chatbots in News
  • Chatbots in Business
  • Chatbots in Finance
  • Chatbots in Science & Education
  • Chatbots in Travel & Leisure
  • Chatbots in Fashion & Beauty
  • Chatbots in Health & Fitness
  • Chatbots in Food & Restaurants
  • Chatbots in Shopping
  • Chatbots for Productivity
  • Chatbots for Events

Chatbots in Games

  • Gamers love chatbots, don’t we? A conversational game bot could help you choose the game you want to play — alone or with friends — based on your personal preferences.
  • A bot could help you play a game inside an app, or it could let you play against a machine — like chess, or even Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • What’s the capital of Russia? Who was the first American President? A chat bot can help you keep sharp for your next family game night.
  • What about a 20 Questions bot? Pick a famous person, and let the chatbot guess who it is with simple yes or no questions. Spooky, huh?
  • A trivia game bot — this bot could help you learn while you play. Let the game engage you without having to download yet another app or game on your phone, and learn interesting tidbits while you’re at it.

Chatbots for Entertainment

  • A photo editor chat bot could allow people to edit their photos in chat before sharing them with friends, or even their social networks. Unsure what filter to use? Let your friendly chatbot help you decide.
  • A print bot would give you access to your photo galleries from your messaging app and let you choose which ones to print instantly — either through your wifi connected printer or your local print shop.
  • Want to hear a joke or fancy some adult humor? Just chat with a bot and ask for funny dirty memes and gifs
  • Loved a book you recently read? What if a bookworm chatbot could recommend books for you to try next based on your likes?
  • In the very near future, you can get a bot to help you choose just the right GIF or video to send to your friend while you chat with them — or create your own!
  • Brangelina split up? George Clooney is on vacation? Get instant updates from celebrity and media chatbots you love. Or love to hate.
  • Random movie on Netflix that you’ve never heard of? Ask a movie buff chat bot to get viewer reviews, critic reviews, and ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes — anywhere and everywhere on the internet!
  • Have a favorite comic book illustrator or author or podcast? Use a bot to keep track of their latest offerings. Get news, updates, and snippets from all over the web.
  • When did Spiderman first appear? What is Superman’s arch-nemesis’ name? Which issue did the Dark Knight first show up in? Use a comic chatbot who knows all about the DC and Marvel universe to keep track of your favorite heroes and villains.
  • Is this joke worth telling in front of an audience? Will they get it? Use a friendly chatbot to get feedback on your new comedic routines and see your responses right in front of you.
  • Does Kim Kardashian post more on Instagram or Twitter? Does Donald Trump use Facebook? Ask your social chat bot to figure out where to follow which celebs.
  • Sometimes all you need is a gif of a cat wiggling its butt to make your day brighter. Use a GIF bot to help you pick just the right one.
  • Should I even get out of bed today? Is it going to be a bad week? Let the zodiac bot tell you what to expect.
  • It’s a boring day and you need some laughs. Joke bot to the rescue! Use it to turn that frown upside down.
  • What’s that new flirting meme everyone’s talking about? Ask a chatbot — understand it, see more of them and share with your friends.
  • Want to fulfill your sexual fantasies and desires? Try talking to this sex chat bot for free.
  • A chat bot targeted at sports fans could send news, alerts, live scores, and stats from all major leagues. Someone may build this to stay in touch and feed their fans with real live data.

Chatbots in News

  • A news chatbot could potentially ask you for a list of topics you might be interested in, and alert you whenever there’s a news article about that topic — instant news, personalised for you.
  • A journalist chat bot could send you customised breaking news or specific stories from a specific website in a private message.
  • A story curator bot could send you snippets of fictionalised stories that authors can choose to share over messages.
  • A subscriptions chatbot for your RSS feeds — maybe you have a host of RSS feeds, but don’t have the time to check your reader every day. Maybe you only want to be updated when a certain feed has new stuff — get a bot to do that for you!
  • A political bot could be used by a candidate to answer questions about that candidate, their policies and programs and even personal matters — like a real version of themselves!

Chatbots in Business

  • Perhaps the most common bot type out there, a customer service chatbot could soon replace long phone trees and interminable wait times, making the customer service experience a pleasure rather than a pain.
  • A law bot could help you out with minor legal problems — giving you access to basic legal information that you may not otherwise know where to get, all with just a couple of taps.
  • An internal CRM chatbot could help companies access data about their CRM activities and be directly aware of the impact those activities have or had on their customers.
  • Too many employees in too many places? Get them to use a bot to check in when they start work, so you know who’s up to what at any time of the day.
  • Imagine that your team’s too big and too spread out to organise a meeting, but you need to pass on some information. Let your chatbot act on your behalf!
  • A staffing bot could allow clients to directly communicate with their staff. They could use it to ask specific questions, to specific people within the staff.
  • A conversational bot could act as a virtual employee inside a recruiting company, helping other employees submit timesheets, call in sick, submit vacancies, apply for jobs, or request vacations.
  • A resume chatbot could have job seekers submit their CV or resume to potential employers and headhunters via a messaging interface for immediate recipe and acknowledgement.
  • A project booking bot could help entrepreneurs get new meetings through Facebook Messenger. The bot could send a preliminary visual representation of the services, pricing and other such details.
  • A chat bot could soon work on organisational culture within a company and assess employee sentiments and satisfaction — this could help with employee engagement and retention.
  • An analytics bot could one day send you an email report of your Google analytics and answer questions about your traffic, leads and e-commerce statistics.
  • A virtual agent could answer questions with a company, and redirect the asker to a specific team of person if it cannot answer.
  • Imagine a digital after-sales assistant that could answer all your questions about a car sale, for example. It could tell you about your car’s features, its insurance, when its next service is due etc.
  • A bot could scan all links on a platform and send it to everyone in a single consolidated file.

Chatbots in Finance

  • A dedicated stock market bot could alert to stock prices of various companies or even talk you when to buy and sell!
  • A financially affluent chat bot might soon be able to give you immediate access to updates and alerts about credit card activity, balances and suggestions as to how to manage your spending.
  • A finance for dummies bot — not sure where to invest your money? Which loan options are the best for you? Use a bot to help you with your finances, help you calculate your savings and figure out interest rates.
  • Taxes, savings, mortgages, loans, interest rates — does all of that make your head spin? Imagine a bot that could answer all your questions about personal finance and help you keep track of your expenses?
  • A company’s personal ticketing bot could help them keep track of tickets sold, and details of each transaction. It could also automate the ticketing for them on the other side with customers.

Chatbots in Science & Education

  • What if you wanted to impress your friends with some unusual trivia, but didn’t know where to look? Let a bot generate random facts and figures to make you sound as intelligent as you feel.
  • Imagine you’re having a rough day and don’t have the time to go to your therapist, but you desperately need some advice. Look no further than a counselor bot.
  • “Fun fact…two years ago…” — if this kind of sentence interests you, you could play with a history bit that’ll give you a glimpse into the past from where you are.
  • A life advice chatbot could, like a search engine, proved answers to specific life situations, like how to change a flat or finding low-cost flight tickets and great restaurant deals.
  • Let’s assume you’ve worked really hard to get to the top of the ladder, and you want to pass on that knowledge to your juniors. Use a chat bot to share insights and learnings easily across oceans.
  • What is that word? The one that means…you know…let the dictionary bot help you out with that word that’s always on the tip of your tongue!
  • It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’re in no mood to work. You need something to kickstart your brain. Use the motivation bot to help you get back on track.
  • Made a mess and need a cleaning solution? Or do you need a temporary fix for a gadget until the repairman arrives? The life hack bot’s got your back.
  • Need a fun way to teach kids new concepts? A basic science bot could talk to your children and explain things to them — as often as they want.

Chatbots in Travel & Leisure

  • A flight assistant bot could soon help you by sending you all your flight details, documents, flight info, and even check in for you.
  • A booking chatbot could help you search for, browse and make reservations for your flights and hotels.
  • Running to catch that train? A bot could tell you all you need to know — is it on time? Where is the next stop? Or it could help you figure out what trains to take in a new city.
  • Say bye-bye to cabbie apps. Use chatbots to book cabs — no need to get an app, just talk to your favourite providers.
  • Visiting Vietnam? Find out where to get the best pho. Going to Australia? Get tips on local slang and what it means. Just question your global chat bot.

Chatbots in Fashion & Beauty

  • As a beauty blogger, you can share your latest makeup finds and hacks with your audience and get them even more interested in what you have to say through your very own chatbot. It’s like they’re talking to the real you.
  • Ok, you’re a beauty blogger and you’ve had the best weekend haul, and you want to tell everyone about it? Use your bot to spread that info far and wide!
  • You’re a YouTuber, but you only have so much time to respond to fan comments. What if your bot could do it for you? Plug in the info and let it talk to people for you.
  • Remember Cher’s virtual wardrobe in Clueless? You could have something like that. You could use a bot to help you choose an outfit for the day — enter your options and style it before you try it on.
  • What if a fashion house could communicate directly with its customers and tell them — in real time — the minute a new collection is launched, or when there are new additions to a particular line? 
  • Maybe you want help choosing the right foundation or getting makeup tips for certain new products. A chat bot could show you articles, news and videos about the latest trends.

Chatbots in Health & Fitness

  • Wondering how to not pig out at lunch? Let your weight-watching chat bot show you a comparison of different foods with the same calories so you can choose.
  • What if you could have a chat bot that would tell you what that weird rash on your foot is? Or whether you should take an Advil or a Tylenol? A medical bot could answer your basic questions so you don’t have to rush off to the doctor each time.
  • You could have a childrens’ health bot that could answer anxious parents’ queries about their child’s symptoms and general health by pulling information from a host of credible sources.
  • AI chatbots could answer health and fitness related queries, or tell you when you should see a doctor, or even recommend one for you.
  • The weather’s changing, and with it comes allergies and wet roads and maybe snow. How do you prepare? This chatbot could tell you the weather, give you suggestions on staying warm, and help your prevent those nasty colds.

Chatbots in Food & Restaurants

  • You know that one friend who always has the best restaurant choices? Let their bot help you decide where to go for your next meal.
  • A bot could help you keep track of your favorite recipes across the web, and help you share it with friends. Or you could look at your excellent baker friend’s bot to get birthday cake ideas for your next party.
  • Love cooking and looking at new recipes? Use a bot to show you the best new recipes from across the world to try out, with pictures and instructions.
  • A food ordering bot might soon be able to let you order food via messenger by simply talking to the restaurant’s bot — skip the queues, no need to call anyone or get an app. Just talk and order.
  • A food and beverage guide-style bot might be able to help you decide what bar or restaurant to go to based on where you are. It could even send you updates on which places have seating or certain facilities you want.
  • In the future, a bot could keep track of your grocery list, help you order them, and even pay for them on your behalf.
  • Wondering what to cook? The bot can offer you a daily recipe, based on your preferences. Or you could search its archives for previous recipes you’ve made.
  • Can you say food porn? Let a bot help you discover amazing new food-inspired social media accounts to follow.

Chatbots in Shopping

  • It’s their birthday and you have no idea what to buy! What if a gift bot could give you the coolest ideas on the planet?
  • Perhaps the most popular example of our time, a flower delivery service created a bot to make the process of ordering flowers from their website a seamless and joyful experience. It also sent out shipping updates, answered live questions, suggested gifts and processed orders.
  • A personal shopper bot sounds like the dream, doesn’t it? Companies can offer personalised shopping advice for their products by using a bot to guide online as well as offline shoppers.
  • An e-commerce site could create a bot that sends pricing alerts to their customers. You could select a particular item, product range or occasion, and the bot would alert you to deals on the website.
  • A gift bot could help you shop online for that special someone — and offer suggestions too! Based on reviews and recommendations, it could help you choose from across websites and price ranges.

Chatbots for Productivity

  • Trying to keep up with all your news feeds across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and countless others? Use a bot to help you pick the best feeds to follow so you have only the news you want.
  • Remind me to pick up milk at the store. Remind me to tell Grandma about my new job when I go there. Remind me to call Ken on the way home from the park. Get a bot to be your own personal assistant.
  • A weather bot could send you personalised weather forecasts based on where you are, where you usually go, and how often you want to be notified.
  • Struggling with the little decisions in your day? Need to make someone else do the thinking. Let the 8-ball bot make decision making fun, and free you up for the important stuff.
  • You could use a bot to schedule your day. Just type in the details of your meetings and appointments and let the bot add it to your calendar, and then remind you about it later.
  • Need a way to keep track of employees? A scrum bot could ask your employees what they did the previous day, what they plan to do today and if there are any obstacles holding them back.
  • Maybe you have really cool clothes and people keep asking you where you shop. Or you have a great set of travel stories to share. Let your own bot do that for you.
  • Who needs a personal assistant when a bot can schedule a meeting for you, for your team or for any of your employees? The bot can also schedule meetings by looking at everyone’s calendars and picking the best time.
  • An SaaS metric bot could help users understand the metrics of their project. The bot could assess the data and present it in an engaging visual way.
  • In the future, a bot could even help you build another bot — talk you through the technology and help you with the difficult stuff.
  • An internal tracker bot could help sales reps get access to their sales figures without having to go through heaps of paperwork or phone calls.

Chatbots for Events

  • Swiped right and don’t know what to do now? Quick, consult the cupid chatbot for stellar date ideas that’ll knock anyone’s socks off!
  • Are you stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids this weekend? Let the bot give you simple craft ideas that are easy and fun.
  • The club near you is full, what else can you do? Use the bot to find interesting things happening near you and see how it compares so that you have the best night out!
  • New band playing at the bar down the road? A music recommendations chatbot can recommend them to you when you’re nearby and looking for something to do.
  • A movie reservation bot could give you access to all information about movies, show times, theater locations and anything near you that could help you pick a movie, and fast!
  • An event chabot could be used for people to browse, select and buy tickets for their favourite events. Even organisers could use a bot like this to send event maps, updates or even parking passes.
  • A movie reservation bot could give you access to all information about movies, show times, theater locations and anything near you that could help you pick a movie, and fast!

As you can see the application and use cases of chatbots are just endless. If this piece has tempted you to learn more about chatbots then do check out this extensive chatbot guide.

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