A side by side comparison of Best AI Assistants


Diverse array of pre-built skills and bots, catering to a broad spectrum of tasks and industries.

Offers comprehensive customization of the bot's appearance, voice, and interactions to align with your brand identity.

Offers a comprehensive API, empowering developers to create custom integrations and functionalities.

Seamlessly integrates into your website, app, or other platforms for a cohesive user experience.

Yes - Accepts text, images, and potentially other formats. Adapts to various Large Language Models (LLMs), giving flexibility in AI capabilities.

Highly intuitive interface, straightforward setup and navigation for seamless user experience.

Supports NSFW content with customizable moderation and filtering options for responsible usage.

Free tier with limitations, tiered pricing for advanced features and increased usage.


Focused on general conversational AI and text generation tasks.

No customization options available.

API available for developers to build applications and integrations.

No embeddable option available.

Primarily text-based. Utilizes OpenAI's GPT models.

Simple text input and output interface, designed for ease of use.

Limited support with safety mitigations.

Free trial available, with usage-based pricing for the API.