Varun Baker

Varun Baker

Varun Baker

Varun Baker


I have over 11 years of enterprise level industry experience in business communications, and operational management, with a strong focus on software engineering. I design web services and website architectures based on open standards.

Typically this includes:

Organizing, translating and simplifying technical requirements.
Designing new server infrastructure.
Creating a maintenance redesign lifecycle around server infrastructure.
Test and recommend all server operating systems and related supporting infrastructure software.
Provide IT support for company projects and initiatives.
Authoring functional requirements from client and stakeholder interviews.
Technical requirements management, communication and analysis.

Currently, I work as the Managing Director at Develop Digitally, improving products and services for our customers. I enjoy translating business requirements into detailed architectural designs and support all operational and business defined projects. The best part of this is working with business analysts, developers and development managers to ensure that all solutions are deployed within agreed timelines and are supported after implementation. This requires effective communication with the customer, third parties and the project teams.

I provide forward thinking solutions by assessing cost benefit factors, compatibility issues and budgetary/resource impacts for the organization. This includes yearly budgetary IT Infrastructure projections and the justification of each. At times I must identify where exceptions to the enterprise architecture standards are required.

Previously, I co-founded the SlashRoots Foundation ("SlashRoots") which is a civic tech non-profit that leverages technology to create solutions to social problems endemic to the Caribbean region. SlashRoots works with governments, development organizations and civil society to improve public service program design and delivery, with a focus on open innovation and user-centred design.



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Using organizational consulting and open source technologies to deliver measurable returns for clients on reasonable, predictable and sustainable budgets.

Designing and documenting enterprise software and services as high level business processes as well as understanding the technical capabilities of software development teams.

Chief Executive Officer
Ganjagram utilizes technology to support the emerging Medical Cannabis, Ganja and Wellness industries in Jamaica.