Thierry Buecheler

Thierry Buecheler

Sep 21, 2018
how would you describe yourself

I am a computer scientist and people manager with a technical background (Ph.D., engineer's degree) and a focus on business challenges and developments, including strategic and financial analysis beyond IT. My interests are very wide-spread: Languages (4 fluent), sports, flying (international private pilot's licence), cinema, music.

I'm open for challenges and big things!

My experience and specialties include: People and process management, interface economics/technology from a strategic perspective: Digital, big data, internet of things, analytics, business intelligence, data science, social, mobile, IT strategy, architecture, infrastructure and ops, procurement, customer service, customer experience, IT migration planning, global operational transformation programs, M&A (buyer/seller), strategic cooperations/alliances, IT and operations in banking/logistics/telecom/media/life sciences/social sector (education), fixed-mobile convergence, media convergence, IT cost performance, Lean application development, enterprise application integration, web apps, data center optimization.

I am very interested in tools and paradigms facilitating new socio-technological developments like mass and open innovation (including crowdsourcing, lead users, customer-driven innovation, etc.) and distributed co-creation as well as all other forms of collective intelligence. Find my book on these topics with the link below.