Stuart Kusta

Stuart Kusta

Stuart Kusta

Stuart Kusta


I am an economics graduate with 3 years financial services experience within general insurance as well as having a background in sales and recruitment consultancy.

I have sound numeracy and critical thinking skills as well as proven commercial acumen. I am looking for an opportunity to develop and deploy my core strengths within a growing business. Based on various assessments my core strengths are within technical analysis, relationship management, commercial decision-making and global acumen.

Technical Analysis: I am someone who requires evidence that theories are sound before applying them and tend to work in a logical and rigorous manner. I like data because it’s value free with no agenda and can reveal useful insights. I enjoy identifying patterns and connections as well as causality.

Relationships: I am interested in hearing about people’s views and ambitions and what they intend to accomplish in the future. This can help toward building relationships of high value, which are genuine and rooted in trust. I also tend to streamline explanations and provide essential facts to complex arguments so that a wide audience can understand the subject matter.

Commercial decision-making: I take care when decision-making and tend to anticipate obstacles or problems before they occur. This can be useful when conducting due diligence, managing risks as well as reducing errors and conserve resources in the long run.

Global acumen: I naturally align towards operating and collaborating effectively with a mindset that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. This is useful when engaged with tasks requiring a broader view and to consider the bigger picture.

Watson-Glazer Critical Thinking Assessment – 86th Percentile (Jan 2017)
Assessment of critical thinking skills relevant to problem solving and decision-making:
• Deduction (94%)
• Recognition of Assumptions (88%)
• Interpretation (88%)
• Evaluation of Arguments (81%)
• Inference (63%)



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