Philip Patston

Philip Patston

Jun 24, 2018
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I develop capacity in individuals, teams, organisations and communities in the areas of leadership, diversity, complexity and change.

Born in 1967 I emigrated from the UK to New Zealand aged four with my family. I am the eldest of four siblings: I have a twin brother and two younger sisters.

At birth I lost oxygen resulting in a neuro-muscular dysfunction with the somewhat ambiguous diagnosis Cerebral Palsy. Despite my parents being told I would never talk, walk or live independently, I started a BA in Psychology, trained as a counsellor and social worker, still run a business and had a 15-year career as a professional comedian. Iโ€™ve lived independently since I was 17. Walking? Well, I did that too but gave it up in my forties.

As a caucasian, queer man with unique function, I am openly skeptical of current notions of diversity and am vocal about new, constructive paradigms. This strongly guides my lifestyle, work style and relationships.

My passions have morphed over 30 years of life and work. Activism, social justice and entertainment have led me to the more reflective spaces of inquiry, communication and leadership.

In my leisure time I enjoy the stimulation of articulate conversation, the indulgence of red wine; the adrenaline of action, thriller and sci-fi movies; and an eclectic taste in reading.

I am a early adopter of new technology; a pragmatic proponent of social media and a grounded believer in spirituality.