Megan Naranjo

Megan Naranjo

what do you think about facebook

The only reason I'm even on Facebook anymore is to say this:

All this violence needs to stop. I mean it. I am really tired of turning on the news and hearing about ANOTHER terror attack. People need to stop this. There is no reason why this should even be happening, but it is and people are losing their lives for some bullshit reasons. I am really really mad right now.

To all the people who do this, what the hell is even wrong with you mentally? You really think the answer to everything is to shoot public places up?!! No. Just no. Just stop, I'm so sick of this. NO ONE NEEDS THIS KIND OF BRUTAL VIOLENCE IN THEIR LIVES AND I AM SO SO FUCKING TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT ALL THIS SHIT ON THE NEWS!!!!! This needs to end, I'm done.

I am officially deleting my facebook account. Bye. . I will be making another one.

Bye Facebook.

I'm contemplating deleting my Facebook.

I think Facebook is great, if you use it correctly. I don't have a Facebook account myself, mainly because I prefer to avoid drama.