Maurice Hellemons ✔

Maurice Hellemons ✔

Maurice Hellemons ✔

Maurice Hellemons ✔


What do I do in 5 words or less: "Train B2B professionals’ Soft Skills."
➨ Sir Richard Branson's #5words challenge!

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- The achievement I’m most proud of is the realization of my 25 year old dream. While working at Oracle I felt an entrepreneurial urge to support B2B professionals across the business improve their Presentation Skills. After 8 months of preparations YouncK was born. “Born out of frustration, executed with passion!” Social and Storytelling were added later to this curriculum.

All experiences & insights gained throughout my career I can now share 24/7 with 1000s of B2B professionals across EMEA. Sometimes.. dreams do come true.

“Public speaking is the #1 indicator to predict success in business and upward mobility!”
➨ Stanford University

Improve your presentation skills and start positioning your message with power to show value and a competitive difference to your future advocates.

► To do: Captivate your listeners from the start. Create memorable messaging. Close with result.
► I deliver: Workshops - Coaching - Keynotes
► Topics: Presentation Skills - Social Influence - Storytelling

Move professionals to action, changing their behavior by creating, managing and delivering programs and workshops with simple, practical and repeatable techniques. Feedback included.

"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."
➨ Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO (and my dad's former boss.)

When not at work I can often be found researching the next big thing, while enjoying my aquaria, round of golf and friends. Other interests: Financial markets, travel, debating about global news events, neuroscience and yes, Netflix too.

I am always open for knowledge sharing and a good conversation regarding all above mentioned topics. Feel free to contact me. ¡ǝǝɹɟ ןǝǝɟ | 📞 +31(0)6-316.73.536



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