Maria Ortiz

Maria Ortiz

Maria Ortiz

Maria Ortiz


A little about me -I am into writing about many things mainly about abuse on
children and animals no person should accept any form of abuse and violence in their homes. I myself came from a home
filled with violence and it does not feel good you live but you never forget it so if you ever feel scared for you your children and any animals at home call your local domestic violence hotline or dial 911.
please remove your loves ones immediately before they suffer serious
trauma. you and your children your pets do not deserve to be abused. no person
should have the right to hit you ,call you names and hurt your animals so ladies
begin soul searching and remember how valuable you and your children are
and never leave your animals with an
abusive person. so take that first step and
walk out that door and do not look back
people who inflict violence on others will
never change they are sick and will pass
that sickness on to your children and the
cycle repeats itself. love yourself you can
make a better life and have healthy children who will be productive and not destructive in society. remember violence is not good guidance..
i believe that if you see a child being hurt use one finger to dial 911-- or the domestic violence hotline-1-800-799-SAFE -7233
with much love.
Maria Ortiz.




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