Lara Pinto

Lara Pinto

Lara Pinto

Lara Pinto


i like...
-meeting the lads
-Kate and Bridgets erotic dance
-late night shots of sambuca
-irish and aussies
-late night market walks
-stealing ashtrays
-laying on the road
-booze cruises
-getting married and divorcing patrick in a span of 5 mins
-danielle thinkin its 8 am
-cliff diving
-ios and corfu
-bruce lee being mentioned
-a certain someone whose so effin far
-being carried home after a rough night
-hip thrusts
-10 am pub crawls
-corny jokes
-Eng 1100 Cake club
-Goa Goa Goa Goa
-reminiscin wiht kara and kats
-getting drunk off air with kara and anish!
-the fact that my mum always picks me up when i cant walk anymore after a great night

i hate...
-Saying goodbye
-being woken up
-the fact that i tried and failed stealing the last ashtray in corfu
-losing at fooseball...(only one time...)
- when corrine calls me a loser
-being asked "what time is it" over and over again..get you own effin watch!!
-the fact that kara so far away
-my perfect match being so far from me!
-knowing that Eng 1100 Cake club is over.
-coming back from vacation

im also holding seans hat hostage so when you visit me ill contemplate givin it back but only after we lay on the road look at some stars so you can finally understand what the big dipper is and then maybe play some foosball where i can earn back my title!

if you've read all of this KUDOS...they are mainly inside jokes and you're probably on the outside. awkward.





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