Kishore Balasa

Kishore Balasa

Kishore Balasa

Kishore Balasa


Compromise and adjust to life as it goes is my policy

I think I am changing the world, but I am not. I think I am contributing to the Indian economy, but I guess I am not. I think I love my school, but I do not. I think I am living, but and most importantly, I am LOOKING for someone!! Ok...I won't be funny anymore. I am a guy with a zeal to enjoy life (If you know me--> "Just stop laughing!!")

Relationship status: What?

Birthday : The last day of my entire education! Spare me!

Age : 10111 (Binary)

Here for: Pass time in non-college hours.

Children : Can't be (HEY!, don't get me wrong here!!)

Languages I speak : Java, 010101110101(Yes, it's weird numbers!)

Religion: I get holidays on all religious festivals, so I love all religions.

Political view : The guy sitting beside me is a pig!!

Humor : Weekly, then wat...

Fashion: Ask my college. Btw, I like jeans, t-shirt.

Smoking: Only if there's a *Condition's apply saying weed included!

Living:Come on, this is a stupid one. How can this be asked to a student?Believe me, I am living!!

Sports: FIFA 12, Cricket 07,NBA 2k12(Yes, it's a sport ppl!)

Activities: Are you crazy?

Books: --CENSORED--

Music: Ask my frikkin iPod dude! Why me!?

Cuisines: Maggi, anything available within 100 meters of home or 10min.





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