Kartik Asthana

Kartik Asthana

Oct 23, 2018
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Working to give Life to Products in the Online Selling Space.

Search "Autofy" on Google and YouTube!

E-Commerce platforms lack tangibility like the brick and mortar stores which is the main reason why conversions percentage is low and sellers face a high product return. We at Vendorskart give you the best Automotive Buying / Browsing experience. I lead the Product Development, Pricing & Sales Strategy Team. Our team makes sure that you get a 360 degree experience before buying any automotive product. We give you Product Knowledge through deep info of Anatomy, Use, variations, Performance info, Installation Tuts, FAQs, After Sales Support etc. We went profitable within 3 months and have been successfully doing this since 10 months now!

We are looking for Potential Investors who can help us grow exponentially, we are also working to create an Eco-System to redefine Online Automotive Buying & Selling.