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Why Bottr?

An emotional, intimate relationship is one of the most fundamental desires of any human being besides food, shelter, and safety. To give you a sense of its scale, more than one-third of the searches on the web are around sex.

Even with so many adult content platforms, coaching sites and dating apps right now, we believe this space is broken - riddled with scammy sites, unfriendly interfaces and low-quality services.

At Bottr, we want to help people access and provide high-quality life coaching and companionship services on-demand through a seamless and modern chat-based interface.

What can you find here?

Bottr intends to become a place where you can find everything related to adult entertainment, lifestyle coaching and relationship needs in the most friendly way as possible. From physical sexual desires to softer emotional needs, we want to provide best possible content and services to everyone in the world and help people with their physical and emotional well being. 

We're constantly adding fresh adult content and services to the platform such as sexting, flirting, adult humor, motivation and more. Stay tuned for more updates. 

How it works?

Our platform is super easy to use. With just a tap you can find what you're looking for. Simply submit your request and get connected with a service provider or partner. It hardly takes a few seconds to get what you want.