Geo Jolly

Geo Jolly

Geo Jolly

Geo Jolly


I'm Geo in case you skipped the headline.
I could tell you I'm gorgeous, intelligent, unique and fun but what's the point?
Beauty is truly defined on the inside.
Intelligence is interpreted by differently by different people.
Everyone claims the words of uniqueness, causing everyone to be the same.
And fun is simply an adjective used to describe how you felt at the time.
So, to be quite honest,
I love Music, Computers , Gadgets and I strive to be different.
A sometimes fall but have enough strength to pull myself back on my feet.
I truly dance to my own song and march to my own beat.
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I'm far from the dullest crayon in the box.
I see right through people; I know who they are from the time they say hello to the final goodbye.
In insanely honest. So when I say something- I mean it.
I shine in the spotlight only when it's pointed in my direction.
I'm just another character in this school of gossip ( FACEBOOK )...

What do you think?
How would you change it?





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