Fred Glick

Fred Glick

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Silicon Valley based entrepreneur in residential real estate and mortgage licensed in California and Pennsylvania. for all the details.

arrivva, inc
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Vice President Real Estate Operations Reimagining Rental Services.

Services for landlords and renters that'll blow your mind!

Regular Mortgage & Real Estate Contributor
Not an employee of CNBC or NBC Universal but I have been an on-air regular since 2006 contributing information and opinions on the real estate and mortgage industries. I appear primarily on The Closing Bell that airs from 3-5PM eastern time

Since I work day-to-day communicating and interacting with buyers, sellers, borrowers, REALTORS(R), governmental agencies, federal lawmakers, wholesale mortgage employees and ancillary service people in multiple states, I think my insight is unique and extraordinary.

Additionally, I analyse economic conditions in the market and make predictions. In 2013, I predicted that in 2014, the 10yr would go below 2%, and it did!

My predictions of market activity all come from the combination of economic conditions, actual practical experience, discussions with professionals al over the country and sometimes, just a hunch!