Ed Rolfe

Ed Rolfe

Ed Rolfe

Ed Rolfe


Currently pursuing new adventures on a contract/freelance basis.

I am a CX advocate that lives and breathes digital and analytics. I love being in an environment where I help deliver improved outcomes - be they UX/CX or Financial/ROI - through the use and understanding of digital design and body-language, data analytics and business intelligence.

Whilst I have always sold consultatively, "wearing my customers' shoes", this should not be interpreted as a claim to knowing your business as intimately as you do. I do not. However, I may challenge you in regard to certain ways of thinking and 'staus quo'.

I will sit with you to gain an overall understanding of your business and listen carefully about the parts that are not working how you would like, or need, them to work. I will then engage with my company on your behalf, applying our wealth of experience from dealing with thousands of companies globally, and determine whether we have a solution that:

★ Is right for you:
★ Will fix your business problem/s and realise the outcome/s you desire, and:
★ Will ultimately deliver value to you, your organisation and its stakeholders.

I will then engage, with your best interests in mind, to deliver on what is agreed on and committed to.

Please contact me if you want your business to:

★ Sell more:
★ Know more:
★ Grow more:
★ Improve profitability:
★ Service your Customers better by providing them the right product/person/knowledge at the right time and the right place:
★ Increase your Net Promoter Score through improved Customer Satisfaction:
★ Understand better what your Promoters and Detractors are saying about you and be able to respond accordingly and immediately:
★ Ensure Compliance and Regulatory requirements are met, avoiding potential damage to your Brand, lawsuits, etcetera.

The list goes on, but that’s the world you’ll be opening yourself up to from our first conversation.

I look forward to our first call....

📞0410 626 333



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