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Don't just be a number, deviate from the mean and make yourself count!

A "No" is simply an opportunity for a better "Yes" to come along!

Power is an illusion, not gained, only borrowed.

We are merely human, unique as a snowflake, insignificant as a speck of dust.

(updated 11/25/12)
1) I'm Chinese-Filipino. I'm proud to be azn. (Stealing stuff of off Emmy Ross)
2) I was born and raised in the Philippines.
3) I know four languages. Cebuano (native dialect), Tagalog (national language), English (learned since kindergarten), and Spanish (intermediate).

4) I moved to Schenectady when I was 10 1/2. (Dec. 14, 2003 at 4:21 pm on a cold, snowy day)
5) I've lived in Schenectady for almost 5 years, in Latham for four, and in NYC for 4.
6) I turned 19 before I even ended senior year cause of grade system in the Philippines. My friends over there graduated March 2010 but I'm here so..
7) There are three things I cannot criticize well: food, movies, and music.
8) I'm a computer nerd.
9) I suppose I'm a good artist. Haven't really done any art in years though.
10) My name is short: Earl Co. My full name on my birth certificate is Earl Vanze Quibido Co.
11) I used to know pi to 100 places. I can recite 65 like second nature.
12) I used to work at the Apple Store in Albany.
13) Open minded, I can tolerate a lot of things and will adjust to people's personalities.
14) I often play and mod Nerf guns with a bunch of friends.
15) I have over 34 GB of music but we all just stream music now.
17) I fix people's computers and iPhones, as well as buy and sell them.
18) I am always on the cutting edge of technology.
19) I like to mod stuff. My Nerf guns are all modded.
20) I've played violin since 5th grade. I've also played some guitar.
21) I used to do tae kwon do. Now I do karate. I am also a diver.
22) I like to parkour and do cool tricks and stuff.
23) I'm baptised Roman Catholic but I'm a humanist.
24) I am spontaneous and adventurous. A daredevil. I will try almost anything.

My self-summary:

If you already know me, well you've found me. Congratulations.

I'm a nerd, pretty much. I do a lot with tech and computers and I'm usually the go to guy for tech problems.

I'm Chinese-Filipino, a first-gen immigrant from Cebu, Philippines.

I used to work at the Apple Store at Crossgates, selling stuff and solving people's problems.

I have a passion for learning, improving myself, and trying new things. I love solving problems and finding more efficient ways to achieve tasks.

Adaptability, honesty, helpfulness, and an open mind are my key personality traits. I find myself able to talk to people of all kinds, and I prefer to say the blunt truth than a sugar-coated lie to someone. I very often go out of my way to help others, and I judge with reason, maintaining an open mind so as not to form prejudicial opinions.

I love thrills and rollercoasters bore me.

I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. Except there is, so I'll put it off til then. ;) Don't want to, but I do.

I take advantage of every opportunity to better myself and improve my skills and develop new ones. I am a man of many skills, and I'd like to have as many useful skills and do or try everything at least once. Even if I'm not the best at it, at least I have a little bit of experience in everything.

I believe in maintaining progress and leaving the world better than it was.

What I’m doing with my life:

Invent something really cool.

Start my own company from the ground up.

Work in space. I don't care if I'm an astronaut, pilot, space hotel owner, or an engineer building and maintaining that space hotel, I just want to work in space.

Become wealthy (or relatively wealthy) so that I don't have to worry about money. Along with that, I'd like my name to be almost as well known as Albert Einstein. I might need a Nobel Prize in something. Or Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg. They're pretty much celebrities too. Not infamous though, like the former CEOs of Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, because even though they walked away really rich, they still caused the whole financial crisis of 2008, and I'd like to not be known for something like that.
Yes, rich and famous, like any other kid wants to be, but not like a celebrity famous, because that's just temporary and doesn't last forever or even a lifetime. Unless you're like Michael Jackson, Elvis, or Bruce Lee.

I’m really good at:

Computers, science, and technology - I like to keep up on the newest and coolest gadgets and find ways to use technology to make lives easier. I also quest for knowledge. The advancement of human technology and our knowledge of the world around us might mean the survival of mankind someday.

The first things people usually notice about me:

I'm tech-savvy

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Hunger Games trilogy
Harry Potter
The Avengers
Iron Man
The Number 23
District 9
Independence Day
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
Filipino food
Chinese food
Passion Pit
electonic, house, techno
Abney Park and steampunk music
hip hop, rap
mostly anything
Family Guy
CSI: Miami
Cash Cab

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

how I'm gonna help society through technology

society, politics, technology, physics, psychology, economics, electronics, design.

Don't just be a number, deviate from the mean and make yourself count!

On a typical Friday night I am:

Karate practice and/or dinner or on the Internet.

You should message me if:

I didn't bore you and/or I made you smile somehow.





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