David Mccall

David Mccall

David Mccall

David Mccall


A creative, entrepreneurial leader in the education and digital market. I have a proven track record in setting up and growing commercial businesses.

I understand and can collaborate between technology, business, design, and education with ease. I can use the latest tools, am self-sufficient and self-directed. I have a broad range and variety of experiences owing to the collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of my work.

I have the ability to work independently, confident making strategic business decisions in terms of balancing resource and business requirements. I have strong collaboration & communication skills, able to build teams and work effectively with stakeholders ranging from academic, business and public sector.

I am a leader that understands when to coach and empower others and when to take the lead.

I established Hyper Island, a creative business school as a global post-graduate and business consulting centre in Europe and Singapore. I was the first member of the team to take the school outside of its original home in Sweden.

Provide business consulting on digital transformation, creative culture and organisational development to businesses

Experience in setting up and establishing companies and educational organisations - with a focus on creating and embedding entrepreneurial and confidence building learning frameworks.

Demonstrable experience in revenue generation and client relationship building

Negotiating and closing commercial deals

Working within global environments

Understanding of how to establish company values, culture and expansion

Budget Responsibilities £3 million+

Senior staff management

Developed academic partnerships with a range of UK and European Universities (Manchester, Teesside, HEC, Parsons)

Previous business transformation clients include: Google, Unilever, TUI Travel, ITV



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