Daniel Sunde-Hansen

Daniel Sunde-Hansen

Daniel Sunde-Hansen

Daniel Sunde-Hansen


Daniel works in Knowledge Management, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a champion for Deloitte's Norwegian Innovation Network, he works with Norways CEO in identifying and implementing shared innovation initiatives within the organization.

His work in Deloitte includes the architectural design and technical development of KMportal, an innovative approach to knowledge sharing through SharePoint. Daniel also combined the project manager and lead developer role in the realization of Deloitte Norway's first mobile applications.

The Masters' degree in Learning in Complex Systems provides a scientific approach to the implementation of change processes. The management of innovation processes in organizations was the topic of his master's degree as well as his education as a KaosPilot - a BSc in Innovation and entrepreneurship.

He has experience with business and product development, including the design, development and marketing of interactive media centers to both private and public sector.

Specialties: Innovation and change management.


Daniel jobber med tilrettelegging av kunnskapsdeling og nye konsepter i Deloitte, og leder et internt innovasjonsnettverk i samarbeid med daglig leder. Ledelse av innovasjonsprosesser var tema for mastergraden i Læring i komplekse systemer samt utdannelsen som KaosPilot.



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Knowledge management, innovation management, innovation strategy, change management

Senior Consultant, Knowledge Management
Organizational change, knowledge management, innovation management, collaboration tools.