How to use a chatbot to build your personal brand and stand out from the crowd

Build a chatbot for personal branding

We live in a land of a million social networks, digital identities and personal brands. Ok, maybe not a million, but it often feels like that. Music on Spotify, videos on YouTube, check-ins on FourSquare, not to mention Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…the list could go on.

This is not a bad thing — the Internet has truly made the world feel closer to each other. Strangers from across countries and time zones bond over simple things that make them happy or sad or angry. Emotion, as we’ve discovered again, is truly universal.

But in this new global world we live in, it is now that much easier as well as that much harder to stand up and be counted. Easier because being connected now means your voice can be heard across the world — you have people from everywhere willing to work with you. And harder? Harder because that means you’re now competing on a global scale.

To take it to extreme, even traditional industries like adult sites are facing challenges and coming up with innovative sex chat bot solutions to engage their auidence. 

So what does it take to stand out in this milieu? People want to work with people who are unique and have something to say — a distinct personality usually stands out from the crowd. This is the driving force behind developing a personal brand.

What is a personal brand? And why you should build your own!

Personal Branding

What is a personal brand, how do you go about getting one and showing it off, and where does a chat bot fit into all this? Very simply, your personal brand or online identity is you — but packaged well. In a sea of clones, authenticity has the loudest voice.

Now that you have a brand, how do you share it with everyone? Most importantly, how do you share it with potential employers? Resumes are a thing of the past — people who hire people see so many in a day that you’d be hard-pressed to actually make a significant impression. With the rise of the internet, and more and more tools at your disposal, you can and should turn to technology to help you out.

Why do you need a personal website?

A personal website is a great way to make a big impression with very little effort, but what if you could take that impression and make it even better? While creating a website and maybe even a Wordpress blog may have been the newest, hottest thing a few years ago, more and more people are getting on the personal website bandwagon and we’re almost back at the start — too many people, too many voices.

Websites like, and thrive on this fact — people want to stand out, people want a way to be different with not much effort. What if there was an alternative to something like or You’re now probably asking yourself, “Do I need a personal website at all?” What if you could turn all the advantages of a website into something that works for you and makes you stand out? Let’s talk about what you can do with a chatbot.

Why is a ChatBot better than a personal website?

Chatbot vs Website

Websites are a great way to showcase not only your superior professional skills but also your sparkling personality. Website hosts like Wix and Weebly allow you to cram way more information into a single page than you could onto a sheet on your resume. What if you kicked that up a notch? Converting your resume into a bot is like having a virtual identity. By using a simple chat based interface, it’s almost like you’re in the room, presenting your resume to your employers even before you meet them.

A big problem with being yet another resume in a sea of applicants is that you are just a number or a sheet of paper. It’s easy to reject a candidate when they’re not completely real. With a website, you flesh out your identity and become a real person, someone people can relate to. And a chat bot makes that even more tangible. Chatting with a bot is like texting someone — we do it all the time. Employers will feel like they actually know you, and the bot can be your virtual business card in addition to making you seem well-rounded and accessible.

Another advantage of having a personal landing page, or a professional nameplate site, is that it allows you to be found. The idea of people who want the skills you have and actually being able to find you is the dream — having a nameplate site does that for you. Sure, a Strikingly page or a Squarespace site would do that too, but if search results show up unique identities, what is more unique than a bot — a great alternative to a personal website that almost acts as your own PR agent. A virtual you on a platform like Bottr can help you be found, discovered, and be differentiated everywhere, everytime.

Let’s not forget — compared to a sheet or two or paper, a personal website offers a great platform to showcase your skills with photos, videos, text and sound. It’s a way to show off the best parts of who you are without overwhelming the person looking at you. And imagine being able to do that selectively. Imagine an employer asking to see the cake you last made and Bottr showing it to him immediately!

Nowadays, our identities are not just limited to our educational backgrounds or our professional accomplishments — our social networks are as much a part of who we are as, say, the clothes we wear. It’s no secret that employers check future employees’ social networks to see who they are as people and if they’d be a good fit for the company. What if you could control that? What if you had a way to showcase the best parts of your online persona?

A personal bot or a website is a way to collect all your social feeds into a single place. A site like, for instance, has neat little icons that redirect you to different social networks. Other sites may offer snippets of feeds from everywhere. Bottr, however, is smarter and can selectively access your feeds and showcase it to whoever asks, and only when they ask. This is complete control of your brand, and it’s a way for employers to see exactly what they want about you — no less and no more.

Why should I choose Chat Bot vs Website?

All of this is great — but why would you want a chat bot and not a website? If you’re still not convinced, here’s a couple of reasons why we think chatbots are the future.

Websites are commonplace now — it’s so easy to get one. If the idea is to stand out, what better way than to use something that’s new, fresh, and super unique? A bot can be just as easy to build if you have the right platform, it’s a unique voice, it’s a great way to stand out, and probably the best reason of all — it shows everyone who you are, in your own words, with your own voice.

What more do you need? Chatbots are the future — all you need is to go out and get one!