Aaditya Kakde

Aaditya Kakde

Aaditya Kakde

Aaditya Kakde


-Sexual Orientation: straight
-Do you Smoke?: no
-Do you Drink?: yes, I drink H2O
-Do you Take Drugs?: no
-Have Tattoos?:no
-Want any tattoos?: yes
-Got any Piercings?: no
-Want any peircings?: no
-Best Friends:.........
-Relationship status: single
-Biggest fears: snake
-Biggest celeb crush: madhuri dixit, salma hayek...
-Favorite Movie: dragon ball z, how to train ur dragon,kung fu panda, ice age, gladiator etc etc....
-I’ll love u if: U love who I am
-Someone you miss: an old me....
-A fact about your personality: I am crazy
-What I hate most about myself: my nose
-What I love most about myself: my smile
-What I want to be when I get older: An animator or a chef but sadly have 2 become an engineer...
-My relationship with my sibling(s): okay :/
-My relationship with my parents: good :/
-A reason I’ve lied to a friend: Didn't want to be laughed at
-What I hate the most about school: school
-What my last text message says: that will never happen....
-What words upset me the most: beep beep beep.....
-A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: I forgot to wish. Hehe
-Where I would like to live: nagpur
-My childhood career choice: wanted 2 become superhero who saves the world.....
-My favorite ice cream flavor: black current
-Who I wish I could be: an audi r8 owner....
-Where I want to be right now: In a cave, alone, with nothing the worry about
-The last thing I ate: kathi roll...
-Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediatetly: Me!
-A random fact about anything: I was never normal





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